Dental Implant Tooth Replacement in El Paso, TX

A missing tooth can impact more than simply your appearance. It can take the joy out of enjoying your favorite foods, make chatting with friends more difficult, and may affect your jaw and oral health down the line. At 915 Smile Studio, we provide expert services to restore your smile with the care of our compassionate dental team. Dental implants offer permanent solutions for missing teeth that resemble your natural smile while boosting your overall oral health.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are permanent restorative dentistry solutions for patients with missing teeth. They’re supported by a titanium rod that’s inserted into the jawbone and topped with a dental crown that resembles the remaining natural teeth. Compared to other restorations for missing teeth, dental implants most strongly resemble the natural function and appearance of natural teeth. They’re also the most effective solutions for preserving the health of surrounding teeth and the jawbone.

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Dental Implant Procedure

We’ll begin with a comprehensive consultation to make sure a dental implant is the right restoration for you. The best candidates for dental implants have strong jawbone health, are free of gum disease, don’t have heavy smoking habits, and don’t have existing health conditions that affect their ability to recover from oral surgery. We’ll perform a thorough exam and review your health records beforehand to avoid complications with inserting and healing from your dental implant procedure.

To begin the process, a small titanium post is surgically implanted into the bone where the missing tooth was. Over time, the bone fuses to the post in a process called osseointegration, creating a solid foundation for the replacement tooth. This process may take several months, and we’ll provide a temporary denture in the meantime to maintain the space and your appearance. Once the post has fully integrated, we will attach an abutment to connect it to a custom-made crown. Dental implants can take several months to complete, but are well worth the time for a permanent restoration that supports your overall oral health and well-being.

Dental Implant Benefits

Compared to other restorations for missing teeth, such as dental bridges or dentures, dental implants have several unique benefits for your health and appearance. Although the upfront cost of dental implants may be higher, the upsides result in lasting solutions with less payments down the road compared to the alternatives.

Dental implants are intended to last a lifetime. With proper maintenance, they won’t require replacement treatments or need to be refitted like other solutions.
Surrounding teeth don’t have to be used as anchors for dental implants. Instead, they’re further supported by the prevention of bone loss and teeth shifting as a result of the implants.
With stronger supports than other tooth replacement methods, dental implants improve speech and chewing without the risk of slippage.
The titanium rod of implants stimulates natural bone in the jaw to prevent deterioration that occurs when the natural roots of teeth are missing.
Dental implants support bone health and preserve facial structure. With dentures and dental bridges, there’s a risk of bone loss that contributes to facial sagging with age.
Dental implants are brushed and flossed just like natural teeth. Plus, they aren’t at risk of tooth decay like natural teeth, making maintenance even simpler.
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Restore Your Winning Smile at 915 Smile Studio

Dental implant procedures might sound intimidating, but with extremely high success rates and a caring team to walk you through each step, you can restore your smile back to glory with complete peace of mind. Our team will be with you at every stage of the process to make sure you receive the best care while you dramatically improve your smile and quality of life. To schedule a dental implant consultation with our team, contact us today.