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How Can I Tell if I Need a Periodontist or an Endodontist?

How Can I Tell if I Need a Periodontist or an Endodontist?

Knowing which type of dentist to call can be stressful. Bothperiodontists and endodontists are oralhealth specialists, and have been trained as dentists. Each specialist has additional training,andunderstanding those details can help you decide which is best for you.


A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of periodontaldisease. This type of dentist specializes in dental implants and other cosmetic procedures. Periodontistsreceive three additional years of education in the area of periodontal disease and treatment.

Patients that have issues with their gums or tissues in the mouth may need to visit a periodontist.Periodontists lookfor gum recession, pockets around the teeth, infection, and any issues around thegums. There are special treatment procedures periodontists offer to help patients that have damagedgum tissue. They can removethedamaged tissue to help preserve both yourteeth and gums.


An endodontists is another type of dentist that specializes in any issues inside the tooth. This includesthe pulp, blood vessels, and tissue. A common treatment done by an endodontist is a root canal. Theycan remove any infected pulp,and seal the area to help save your tooth. If you have a cracked, broken,or injured tooth, an endodontist is the specialist to visit.

General Dentists

It is important to also know when to see a general dentist and the differences between a general dentistand a specialist. General dentists focus on your teeth and oral health. This includes prevention,diagnosis, and treatment of various issues. Your general dentist takes care of your cleanings and exams,and can treat cavities. In addition, general dentistscan provide veneers, crowns, and other variouscosmetic treatments. If patients need specialized treatment the general dentist will typically refer thatpatient to the proper specialist.

What are My Next Steps i n Finding a Specialist?

Talkingto your general dentist is important. If you notice you have an issue with your gums, or have hada root canal and are in pain, it may be time to see a specialist. Your general dentist can typically give youa referral to a great specialist in your area that can treat the issue.
If you have been referred to our office we look forward to meeting you. Our patients are our priorityand we go above and beyond to provide the highest level of care to all of our patients.
To schedule an appointment with one of our specialists contact our office, and our staff will be happy toassist you.


If youhave an issue with your bite orthodontics may help correct your gummy smile. Orthodontictreatment can help adjust your bite to avoid gum tissue showing when you smile.

Looking To Take the Next Step to a Beautiful Smile?

If you are looking to correct yoursmile we encourage you take the first step and schedule a consultationin our office. This will give our team the opportunity to evaluate your concerns,and discuss possible treatment options that work for you. We want you to be proud of your smile,and weare here to helpyou get the smile you have always wanted.If you are interested in scheduling acosmetic consultation, contact our office and we will be happy toassist you.

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