Teeth Whitening in El Paso for Sensitive Teeth

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With all the whitening products and services available, having a bright, white smile seems like a very achievable goal. However, not if you have sensitive teeth. If your smile is already sensitive, the thought of undergoing teeth whitening might make you cringe. While many at-home options can cause additional tooth sensitivity, in-office teeth whitening in El Paso at 915 Smile Studio is different. Read on to learn why you should try our ZOOM whitening. 

#1: Controlled Application

ZOOM teeth whitening involves applying a strong whitening gel to your teeth and then activating it with an LED light. This is performed by our trained and experienced cosmetic dentistry professionals. That means that we have the knowledge and skills to apply the whitening gel with expert control, minimizing your risk of irritation or sensitivity. We also monitor your teeth throughout the treatment to ensure that they are not getting overly sensitive.

#2: Customized Treatment

One of the main benefits of professional, in-office teeth whitening is its flexibility. Treatment can be customized to fit both your specific aesthetics and your specific dental needs. Our dentist can assess your level of sensitivity and adjust the treatment accordingly. This means that you can still achieve a bright, white smile without unnecessary discomfort.

#3: Stronger Whitening Solution

At-home teeth whitening kits often contain a lower concentration of whitening solution, which can take longer to achieve desired results. By contrast, teeth whitening in El Paso at our office involves a stronger gel. You get more noticeable results in a shorter amount of time. What does this have to do with sensitive teeth? More effective whitening means you won’t have to undergo multiple treatments, which can be uncomfortable for sensitive teeth.

#4: Post-Treatment Care

After your ZOOM teeth whitening treatment, 915 Smile Studio provides you with aftercare instructions. For delicate dental patients, we can recommend desensitizing gel or toothpaste. We can also guide you on which foods and drinks to avoid that might make your teeth more sensitive post-whitening, like hot or cold beverages. By following these instructions, you can maintain your bright, white smile without pain.

When Tooth Sensitivity Is a Sign You Need TLC

While some people have more sensitive smiles than others, if you’ve been plagued with discomfort for a while, you may need additional treatment. As the Mayo Clinic points out, sensitivity can be a sign of anything from worn enamel to gum disease. Check in with our El Paso dentist if experience:

  • Chronic Sensitivity: This includes ongoing issues with hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks.
  • Sensitivity After Dental Procedures: It’s normal to feel a little delicate after treatment, but sensitivity that doesn’t subside means you need more attention.
  • Sensitivity with Pain: Severe pain could indicate a more serious dental issue like tooth cracks, infection, or decay.
  • Worsening Sensitivity: A gradual increase in tooth sensitivity over time could mean your enamel is eroding or gums are receding. 

Tender Teeth Whitening in El Paso, TX

With benefits like customized treatment and expert care both during and after treatment, 915 Smile Studio’s ZOOM teeth whitening can give you a dazzling smile without dental sensitivity. Contact our cosmetic dentist today to take advantage of gentle but powerful professional teeth whitening.